10 New Years Resolutions for an Aspiring Mompreneur - Keys to a Successful 2020

By Peach | Jan 22 | 4 min read |

Happy New Year everyone! I know it's nearing the end of February, but I have been spending the majority of January and February planning my year and the launch of my new blog. I love the feeling of a new year, it’s a chance to embrace new opportunities, create plans, and manifest dreams. If you are a mom and have been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, there is no better time than right now. Sometimes as mothers we get consumed by daily tasks and lose sight of our passions. I believe a New Year's Resolution is a lovely reminder that a new year can breathe new life into old passions or be an excuse to create new ones.

I get that mom life is tough, and to tack entrepreneur onto your title is quite the doozie. If you are thinking about balancing both the stresses of running a business and the duties of motherhood, just go for it! Remember, passion for work can make anything possible.

So, if you are making resolutions this year, here are ten doable resolutions to consider as we enter a new year.

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1. Pick a Passion

If you’re going to commit your heart and soul to something outside of your kids, it better be something you enjoy. Ask yourself, what are you good at? Are you passionate about it? Is it something you think others would enjoy?

2. Create Definitive (SMART) Goals

Outlining your goals are important this year. You may have an idea in mind, however making it come to fruition is a bit harder when you don't know where to start. That is where "SMART" comes into play, SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Creating S.M.A.R.T goals can make all the difference in making your ideas a reality.

3. Start Prioritizing

We only have so many hours in a day, and us moms like to take our time. There seems to be a new found unreasonable level of perfectionism once becoming a mother...well for me that was the case. With that being said, certain tasks may need to take a back seat. Start by:

  • Making a list of your most important responsibilities in all aspects of your life.

  • Jot down a rough schedule and the expected time you will need for them.

  • Cut everything else out and focus on the big picture.

  • Take charge of the most important tasks and delegate the smaller items to others.

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes, that is part of the process. Not many things are done 100% perfectly.

4. Stick to a Schedule

A significant part of being a mompreneur is time management. Your child needs your attention and starting a business takes concentration, so develop a weekly schedule that allows you to stay focused on ONE item at a time. Segmenting your business obligations into smaller chunks can also be helpful. I found that nap time was a great time to get things done.

5. Ask For Help & Delegate

Try to delegate smaller tasks to others. I know that not everyone can get help, but ask anyway — be it your partner, parent, auntie or a best friend. That way you can clear some time to handle the essential stuff (ie. starting your own business and spending quality time with your family).

6. Think Efficiency

Embrace life hacking, you can't afford wasted time and effort. Maximize your time by finding different ways to complete necessary activities efficiently (ie. prepping meals in advance, outsourcing grocery shopping, instate 10 minute clean ups, make vacuuming a game). The key to efficiency is working smarter, not harder.

7. Use Less Social Media

Mindless scrolling is 100% a distraction from your life’s duties as a mom and an entrepreneur. Focus on your scheduled tasks to help guide you through the day.

Fun Fact: Millennial Moms have more social network accounts and spend more time on their social networks than moms overall. Being a millennial mom myself, I’m guilty of checking social media on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times a day. This is something I’m constantly working on. I suggest scheduling in social media time, that way you don’t cut into other activities.

8. Stay Healthy

Accepting sleep deprivation, creating poor eating habits, and being slouched over a computer can destroy your long-term well being and immune system. As a mompreneur, you need to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle, this includes regular exercise, rest, and proper nutrition. Treat your healthy choices as seriously as you did your education and your business meetings – make them a regular part of your weekly schedule and perceive them as one of your essential priorities. You will set a perfect example for your kids, and you will stay strong both physically and mentally to handle all the challenges of being a working parent.

9. Take a Break

Running your own business and being a mom can leave you feeling constantly exhausted and forever stressed. Not only does it have a major impact on your energy levels, stress kills productivity. You need relaxation to avoid burning out. Enjoy a pampering session at the spa, go on vacation, and have family fun to keep you grounded. Replenishing your energy does wonders in maintaining a positive attitude, thus leaving you stress free and feeling ready to take on any challenge.

10. Stay the Course

Remember your realistic expectations. If you expect to become a mompreneur success story overnight, a hard dose of reality awaits. I encourage you to stay positive and don't stress over minor details at home or at work.

Whatever New Year's Resolutions you make to yourself this year, remember that they are there to shape the best year for you and your family. Be creative, productive, and efficient, but don't forget to enjoy every moment.




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