10 Reasons to Start a Mom Blog in 2021

By Peach | Nov 21 | 5 min read |

There are a ton of reasons to start blogging, but you’re a busy mom. Why should you add blogging to your to-do list?

Are you considering starting a mom blog? Well then please read on because I have 10 reasons why you should start blogging immediately.

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As a brand new mommy I was shocked to find that my pre-motherhood schedule would have to be put on the back burner. Doing daily tasks took twice as long. However, let me tell you with conviction that it gets easier every day! It is much like blogging, every day gets a little less complicated and a little more fun. For those looking to start a blog I really hope that the list below will encourage you to throw away your doubt and take action. Let me give you some insight as to why I think you should should start blogging immediately.

1. Flexibility

Having a family and working a full-time or part-time job can be crazy stressful. My work week consisted of five 9 AM - 5 PM days, and during those days all I could think about was my endless list of things that needed to be done at home. I know many can attest to this scenario and that is why blogging is an attractive way to earn a living.  You can blog any time of day or night, and as little or as much as you want. As a mom it is ideal to work around doctor’s appointments, naps, meal times, and family time.

2. Missing the Big Moments

Going to work means  missing a chunk of daily life with your little ones, this could be first words, first steps, even losing a first tooth. Becoming a mompreneur and working from home could ensure that you are there for those milestone moments.

3. Dictating Your Life

A job dictates your life, because unfortunately many 9-to-5 jobs just aren’t as accommodating as they should be to mothers. The reality is that you work around their schedule and not your own.

4. Potential Income

With patience and practice there are unlimited opportunities to monetize a blog. Many new bloggers generate income by using Google AdSense, affiliate promotions, and sponsorships. Other common income streams include selling ad space and creating digital products such as eBooks.

5. Expertise

Are you an expert in something? Because most successful bloggers are teaching something they are knowledgeable in. Whether you are discussing self improvement, fitness, traveling on a budget, or motherhood, people tend to appreciate your expertise. Many bloggers with experience eventually offer products and coaching, and release other income-generating activities.

6. You Have a Passion

An important aspect to successful blogging is having the passion for the topic you are discussing. Ask yourself, do you like a topic enough to write fluidly and prolifically on it? If you do, why not share it with the world? You might be surprised by how many others share your interests.

7. Meet Others Like You

Whether it’s religion, science, or baby pigs, regardless of your topic blogging brings like-minded people together. Have a random thought? Starting a blog can help you find those who share your feelings. If someone doesn’t agree with you...hey, it’s your blog! Don’t be afraid to have an opinion, it takes all types to make the world go around. Feel free to shake it up baby, because there is a thrill in sharing new thoughts and discoveries with potential readers.

8. Document Your Journey

People love to watch others learn and grow. Go ahead and share personal experiences, it will help people relate to your content and connect with your words. Let people learn from your experiences, relate to your challenges, and share your triumphs. You can ultimately become a valuable resource to someone simply because you have “been there and done that”.

9. Stress Relief

I love motherhood, but stress comes with the territory. If you don’t know what to write about then just treat your blog as a personal diary. Writing your problems down is a great stress reliever. Get those feelings off your chest, and If you don’t feel like posting them then that’s completely fine! However, be sure to read them later, because you may have landed on a potential topic to post.

10. Accountability

On a weight loss journey? Financial diet? A blogging benefit is accountability. Unlike Facebook where it's only your friends and family, publishing a blog post is public to the world. Absolutely anyone can see it. This can be a great motivator, not just for you but for the many people who choose to follow you on whatever journey you decide. Having 10 strangers read your blog sets the bar higher. No matter what your goals are in life, declaring them publicly is one of the most powerful and potentially positive motivators out there.

So, should you start a blog in 2021?

Unfortunately, it’s a circumstantial question based on you. I can say that starting this blog has been emotionally and financially worth it for me. Blogging changed the trajectory of my life in many ways. It helped me start and grow a business when working a 9 AM-5 PM wasn’t possible. It gave me something meaningful to do on my own.

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