5 Festive Ways To Increase Traffic & Engagement

By Peach | Dec 6 | 3 min read |

So you’ve written a fun little festive article, how do you attract the attention of your niche?

Good question! It's time to add a splash of holiday flavor to your social media! Upping your game on social can help promote your blogging campaign this season.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a small commission. All opinions expressed on my site are my own, and I only recommend products I would use myself.

#1. Holiday Giveaway

Consider doing a special holiday giveaway! Be sure to use and promote your blog with branded hashtags. This will help increase your visibility on social media.

*How to Run a Giveaway *

  1. Partner up with a brand or another account with a similar audience (optional, but helps increase visibility).

  2. Select the giveaway prize ideal for your audience (can be a product or gift card).

  3. Take beautiful photos of your giveaway prize.

  4. Decide on the rules for the giveaway (how people can enter and how the winner will be selected).

  5. Set the dates for your giveaway – with a definitive end date!

  6. Post and start promoting your giveaway on the social media platform of your choice.

  7. As an example, check out my most recent giveaway on Instagram !

Social media engagement is an important part of blogging. Use the holiday season to your advantage and grow your following!

#2. Blogmas

The idea behind Blogmas is to publish one holiday/Christmas blog post a day from December 1st until Christmas Day! Yes, very intense.

Here are some nice blogging benefits to Blogmas:

  • Have reusable content for next year

  • Have an abundance of shareable content to promote on social media

  • Can generate more traffic to your blog if promoted properly

  • It’s a challenge to your content creation skills

  • It’s surprisingly fun

#3. Advent Calendar

Instead of a daily dose of yummy chocolate and goodies, opt for freebies, tips, and even discounts from brands you’ve partnered with.

Offering discounts, free trials, and goodies, will help increase your affiliate sales for the season!

#4. Round-up

A roundup post is a curated article that offers valuable information on a specific topic. This information tends to come from expert bloggers within a niche. I love roundup posts, they are rich in information and knowledge (when done well of course). That’s what your readers want! So, give them what they want, but before that...

I recommend contacting the expert who dished the information in the first place. Why?

  • Promotion & more traffic. Those experts will most likely share that particular roundup post on their social media profiles.

  • More incoming links from roundup experts. Most bloggers have a website page dedicated to links and articles they are featured on.

  • Bloggers are generally open to participating in round-ups, and why not! It’s a free backlink to them.

  • More engagement & comments. Not only will your readers be commenting, but the contributors and their followers as well.

  • Good practice networking with influencers.

  • It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers in your niche.

  • You can develop trust with your readers by becoming an information source.

Try circulating a holiday-themed round-up idea to encourage conversation! Yummy recipes and holiday tips will surely make the world go round, especially for this time of year!

#5. Holiday Lead Magnets

If you don’t already know what a lead magnet is, then here's a treat! A lead magnet is something you offer to readers in exchange for their personal information (i.e. an email address). Growing your email list one of the first steps in growing a blog. I know first hand as ConvertKit has become my actual best friend (I’m not joking).

Try some of these seasonal email opt-ins:

  • Printable Gift List Templates

  • Printable Holiday Grocery List

  • Christmas List To Santa Template

  • Holiday To-do Lists

  • Printable Word Games

  • Christmas Card Templates

  • Christmas Decorations Lists

  • Advent Calendar Template

  • Calendar (Daily, Dated And Undated/Monthly Or Weekly)

  • Christmas Colouring Pages For Kids

  • Printable Holiday Activities For Kids

  • Festive Fonts, Icons Or Other Branding Ideas

  • Holiday Budget List

  • Holiday Destination Guide

  • Holiday Budgeting Worksheet Is A Great Fit

  • Clean Eating Cheat Sheet For The Holidays

Final Thoughts

With all the ideas, your Christmas blogging campaigns will not only delight your readers, but will add a little holiday “noise” online. If you strive to evoke positive emotions, promote sharing, and connect people with this festive holiday – you’ll be sure to gain more traffic, loyal readers, and long-term growth to your blog.

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