Holiday Content Ideas for Mom Bloggers

By Peach | Dec 1 | 13 min read |

Are you suffering from writers block just before the holiday season?

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Christmas is officially less than a month away and the pressure is on! You know what that means... Once again it’s the most wonderful time of the year for bloggers everywhere...or not.

For blogging mompreneurs, taking advantage of seasonal topics should be a no-brainer, however...

If you're new to blogging, the truth is that seasonal content does better than content produced during the rest of the year. In general, people like seasonal content because it is fun, engaging, and of course, festive.

With that being said, it’s your job to evoke the holiday spirit within each and every one of your readers through meaningful, colorful, ho ho holly jolly ol' content! (ok, I'm done)

As my gift to you, I've curated a list of over 300 holiday blogging topics for your mom blog! There are a ton of different niches under the umbrella of “mom blog”, so here's where we can get specific. For the sake of searchability, I’ve categorized topics by niches.

Use the table of contents to jump to your list.

But before we get into it, let’s talk about popular holiday topics that every mom blogger can use to increase engagement and traffic!

8 Popular Holiday Blog Ideas

Here are eight popular ways to get your readers into the holidays spirit.

#1. Gift Guides & Lists

During this time of year, many are concerned over what gifts to buy for their loved ones. A gift guide supplies them with ideas. Consider creating several gift guides for different audiences. Provide some gift guides for…

  • Moms & Dads

  • Grandmas & Grandpas

  • Men & Women

  • Aunties & Uncles

  • Teens, Kids, Toddlers & Infants

  • Girlfriends & Boyfriends

  • Friends & Work Colleagues

  • Pets

  • The list goes on...

#2. A Roundup of Good Causes

Around the holidays, many people are often looking to donate to good causes. Help them by recommending some good non-profits on your radar.

To make the post even more meaningful, encourage some holiday cheer by highlighting the charities you will be donating to as well! Tell your readers how your contribution will help others.

Be sure to include why you chose that organization and the reasons they are important to you, your audience will surely want to know. It will also give them an idea of who you are as well.

#3. Year in Review

Since my blog was launched in 2020, I wasn’t really able to post a year in review. I did however talk about new year's resolutions. I didn't discuss my own, but I will be happy to share them with you this year :).

I’m actually looking forward to reflecting on the year that’s passed, it will be nice to look back on blogging achievements and challenges.

#4. New Year Goals

There is nothing more promising than a new year! Specific resolutions give you a chance to embrace new opportunities, create plans, and manifest dreams.

Whatever you’re planning, share all the things that inspire you right now.

Let your audience know what you hope to accomplish this coming year, and as the year progresses, remember to shell out some updates via. social media.

#5. Holiday Favourites & Fun

OK, the holiday is not the holiday without our favourite things, traditions, etc. Think about what your holiday favourites are.

For some it is listening to Wham! (Last Christmas). Yup, that's one of my hubby’s guilty pleasures around Christmas time (*snicker*).

Whatever they are, take those favourites and create a holiday favourites post about them. Your audience will love making a personal connection with you.

#6. Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are things that you absolutely MUST do this time of year. The air just simply feels less festive if you don't do them, so what are they?

Brainstorm, write them down on a list and share it with your audience. The great thing about sharing is that it gives your audience ideas on ways they can spend their own holiday season.

To increase audience engagement, check off any items you’ve completed on your list. Then share the experiences on social media.

Did you see the nutcracker, yup check! Did you bake Grandma’s special gingerbread cookies, no?

Well... when you do, don’t forget to snap a pic or two! And, be sure to post them on social.

#7. Holiday Tips

We all have our tricks on surviving the holidays, so simply dish the dirt! Things like how to cook turkey tips or even tips on getting ready for a holiday bash.

A fun way would be to write from experience. For example, a cooking fail along with a solution that solved a problem. Write a great holiday tip blog post to help readers avoid a problematic scenario. Who knows, maybe it will give them a good laugh.

When writing a holiday tips post, be sure to feature your favourite products related to the holiday tip. This is a great way to do a little affiliate marketing.

#8. Upcoming Trends

What’s the next new trend for your niche next year? As it approaches, it’s a good time to look ahead and think about what the future holds for the blogging and content marketing world.

Share your thoughts on upcoming trends in your industry through a blog post.

Holiday Blogging Ideas by Niche

Now that we’ve touched on some popular blogging topics, let me introduce you by niche, the pièce de résistance…Holiday blogging ideas for your mom blog! Enjoy :)

Lifestyle Blogs

Most blogs out there are lifestyle blogs, so this list is an easy one!

The most renowned lifestyle bloggers share and inspire audiences worldwide on a wide range of topics. So why not on the holidays? Let's look at some festive topics to get anyone into the holiday spirit, shall we?

  • Holiday Dinner Toast Ideas

  • Holiday Safety Tips

  • Christmas Party Tips (Home, Office, Family Functions, etc.)

  • Christmas Party Theme Ideas

  • A List Of Things You’re Doing Differently This Holiday Season

  • A List Of Your Favorite Christmas Songs

  • A List Of Your All Time Favourite Holiday Movies

  • A List Of Your Favourite Christmas Movies On Netflix Right Now

  • A List Of Cheeky Christmas Jokes

  • A List Of Fun Holiday Party Games

  • A Guide To Holiday Shopping

  • Christmas Wish List Ideas

  • Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

  • Creative Gifts For Loved Ones Living Abroad

  • Non-traditional Christmas Gifts

  • A Guide To The Ultimate Holiday Checklist

  • Why You’re Grateful

  • How The Holidays Are Celebrated Amongst Different Nations

  • End-of-year Trends Posts

  • Funny Holiday Fails

  • Christmas Facts

  • Holiday Content For Instagram

  • What’s On My Christmas Wish List?

  • Best Sales Happening This Holiday Season

Food & Drink Blogs

Scrumptious food and dri