How to Create a Website: Simple & Easy

By Peach | Sep 30 | 6 min read |

I was never really into coding, I never understood it! However, I wanted to be able to build a beautiful, professional looking website for my blog (mainly to share photos and post articles). That’s where a website builder comes into play. Using one makes it easy to create a website, regardless of your programming know-how.

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Best Overall Website Builder

Wix has always been my go to for years, and I feel that it is miles ahead of any other website building tool. If you don't believe me, just google “best website builders” and you will get a clear answer. Wix is best used for if you're looking to start an eCommerce, personal, or blogging website. Depending on your needs, Wix could be just the answer for you. I began using Wix for many reason, let me mention just a few:

  • Immediate set up with no cost at all.

  • Free Web Hosting.

  • Easy to use (Create your own website without coding).

  • Hundreds of design templates to choose from.

  • Tools and apps to match your needs.

  • Full online store & shopping cart functionality.

  • Reliable web hosting & domain services.

  • Automatic mobile platform setup.

Selling Online

If you're looking to sell physical, digital, or service-based products, Wix does not have a limit on how much you can sell. You can create discount and promotional codes, control your shipping options, and even manage your store on the go through its mobile app.